Tu Plan de Vida USA


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This book was written for the immigrant who decides to move to the United States and does not know where to start. Sometimes friends will say it is very easy or very difficult, others will give you clues of tricks and lessons learned but how do you know these are real? This book will share real stories of immigrants that confronted misunderstandings and interview with experts in immigration law, recruiting, relocation, and many tips on finance.   This guides breaks down you plan in easy steps with homework and clear actions to do while you are contemplating the move or have arrived and want to fit in the community. The key areas are; your documents, your finances, your job and your community.


Transform the challenge of living in the United States into a great opportunity, with the tools to make your dreams come true. Staring a new life in a different country can be overwhelming. Where to begin? You must prepare documents, plan finances, learn the culture, and more. This book will prepare you on how to best face all the challenges and new things that you will find when starting this fresh adventure. With the guidance of the finance expert, Elaine, you will find the answers to all your questions on topics such as preparing your documents, developing a work strategy, planning your finances, and integrating into your new community.