Money Color Cards

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Have fun, invest in yourself and enjoy your life by :
Plan – clearly your goals and understand fully the true purpose of your drive.
Grow – direct your money to reflect your current needs and future objectives.
Evolve – créate an action plan to make money a positive forcé in the world.

It’s easy and can be done in 7 steps
1. Lay out all cards by colors in 7 columns
2. For the first color read carefully each of the 7 messages
3. Chose the one that you relate to at this time in your life
4. Repeat with all the other colors until you have 7 cards representing each color
5. Create an action plan that involves all 7 cards in the blank card included *
6. Put the card in a place you see it every day
7. Read it outload until it comes true. Repeat


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