How to Leave a Legacy as a Woman Business Owner

For the majority of business owners legacy is passing the business to the next generation, often comprised of succession planning for your business, and ensuring the operation remains productive past your lifetime.  But let’s face it, the traditional family model, mother, father, and four kids; two boys and two girls in a white house with … Read more

Achieve Financial Independence with these Tips

Would you like to eliminate the feelings of fear or worry that creep into your mind when you think about your finances? Financial independence can help you feel confident in your finances and achieve your financial goals. For many, financial independence means an early retirement. For others, it means eliminating debt and feeling secure in … Read more

Is the Boss of Your Family Business a Dictator?

Is the boss in your multigenerational family business a dictator? Perhaps they have just gotten used to being in charge. After all, in a family business, the boss is not only in charge of the business but is also often the family patriarch or matriarch. Or maybe the CEO has always had a controlling personality … Read more

5 Financial Lessons from My Trip to Bali

In my travels around the world, I’ve learned many life lessons. Of course, as a financial planner, I always view these lessons through the lens of finances. In my recent trip to Bali, I learned 5 financial lessons inspired by the offerings of flowers and incense locals offer on a daily basis: 1. Ritual In … Read more

Choose a Great Financial Planner in 3 Easy Steps

“Well, Mom uses this financial planner for her personal finances, so she must be great,” your husband says.  Begrudgingly, you agree to go to a meeting with this planner. However, you’re hesitant to jump in feet first. After all, you need help with a small business, not personal finances. Does she even have experience with … Read more

What Value Does Money Have for Millennials Vs. Older Generations?

Millennials eating avocado toast while barely having enough money to live on has got to be one of the biggest cliches about this generation.  But, is it true? And, if it’s true, why would Millennials spend money in such a trivial way? It turns out that Millennials and older generations, like the Baby Boomers, have … Read more

3 Ways to Discuss Family Finances Without Starting a Fight

“Why didn’t you tell me you were going to buy a new lawnmower?” “Well, we needed one, so I bought it.” “But it was expensive! Do we have the money for that?” Not only is the above scenario stressful for the couple, but it also models poor behavior for their children. Unfortunately, it’s a common … Read more

How to Protect Your Family in the Face of Uncertainty

It’s not unusual for the stock market to gain or lose hundreds of points over the course of a day or two. The thrill of a good day can also put your nerves on edge, wondering if you should sell or wait and see how much more you can gain. Similarly, family life can also be … Read more

Why Financial Education Is Essential for Productivity

Estres financiero se alivia con capacitación

Did you know that 44% of people don’t have an emergency fund? More than a third of people responded to a survey saying they don’t have enough money to cover their needs and also save. This shows that many people lack basic financial knowledge. Even if you earn a minimal salary, it is possible to … Read more