Best Practices In Family Business

Impressive businesses like Walmart, Comcast, Bimbo, Tous, and others are all family owned. How have they become internationally recognized brands worth billions of dollars? Behind every business is the story of the people who created it – in this case, a family.  Perhaps these family businesses were lucky, had great timing, or had the perfect … Read more

3 Lessons from Star Wars About Financial Literacy

Yoda, the funny little green humanoid alien from the Star Wars movies, spouts off gems of wisdom in each of the films. He is a famous jedi master and teacher, the best in the galaxy. So vast is his wisdom that his advice is relevant to financial literacy. Whether you’re a young Padawan, or a … Read more

How to Hold Your Financial World In Your Hands

“How much have I spent on eating out this month?” you wonder to yourself as you’re deciding whether or not to order take-out. If you used a budgeting app, all you’d have to do is bring up your expenses on your phone to find the answer.  In today’s world, technology, including cutting edge tools like … Read more

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Work With A Financial Planner

Hiring a financial planner is like skydiving. But, instead of jumping out of the airplane on your own without any training or diving skills, you do a tandem jump with a skydiving instructor guiding you through the process and ensuring your safety.  Your financial planner is your skydiving instructor! They play an essential role in … Read more

3 Things Families Have in Common with Businesses

Think about your family. There are grandparents, children, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, parents, and cousins. It’s a noisy, joyful, sometimes difficult to manage group of people who are tied together by love, and a shared history and bloodline. In a similar way, the people in a business are also bound together by a common cause. … Read more

How to Leave a Legacy as a Woman Business Owner

For the majority of business owners legacy is passing the business to the next generation, often comprised of succession planning for your business, and ensuring the operation remains productive past your lifetime.  But let’s face it, the traditional family model, mother, father, and four kids; two boys and two girls in a white house with … Read more