You Want to Change the World?

In the past, it was more about winners and losers. It was more about competition. It was about the people from the top, the leaders and executives whom the employees can talk to, wanting to see better results. Today, that’s not the case anymore, and I think many of you realize that. People are focused … Read more

Family Offices – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Because of their relative opacity to larger investors, family offices remain an unreported segment of the investor community according to Private Equity International. However, the affinity towards them is growing as they’re a solid investor group that’s playing an increasingly active role in private equity as a primary provider of new capital. When trying to … Read more

Lessons Learned on Communication in the Family Boardroom

In family businesses, miscommunication is a standard issue. Of course, it can be a problem in any business, but what sets a family business apart is the layer of familiarity, emotion, and family dynamics that come in decision-making and conversations. It often happens that things get communicated only when they escalate and manifest through a … Read more

Letter of Wishes and Trust – How They are Used

Letter of Wishes and Trust – How They are Used Letters of wishes are helpful to people who create long-term trusts as means for providing guidance about how the trustees make distributions to beneficiaries. They’re written instead of legal requirements and are growing more popular in the U.S. Letter of wishes, sometimes called a “family … Read more