Family Enterprise Consulting

In order to create a successful Family Wealth Enterprise, developing an effective framework for communication and decision-making is vital. This framework – from the simplest structure to the most complex system for a multi-generational family – can reduce emotional intensity and conflict among family members, which will allow effective management and/or transfer of wealth.

With more than ten years of experience working with sophisticated families, Elaine strives to bring intentionality to planning, resulting in  family cohesion and harmony.

Before setting up such a framework, Elaine helps families view their wealth as an enterprise comprised of both human and financial capital. This framework is referred to as Family Governance. Although Family Governance strategies vary greatly and rarely look the same from family to family, there are three aspects that define a successful governance strategy in a family’s wealth overall picture:

  1. Understanding the family’s collective values, mission and vision as it relates to the family’s wealth.
  2. Creating policies and procedures for essential decisions.
  3. Meeting regularly to accomplish clearly defined responsibilities


Best value


  • 45 min discovery meeting with Junior Planner
  • 45 minute recurring meetings
  • Assessment Package
  • Action list and plan summary



  • 45 min discovery meeting with a Certified Financial Planner™
  • 60 minute recurring meetings
  • Assessment Package
  • Action list and plan report


Big Business


  • 45 min discovery meeting with a Senior Certified Financial Planner™
  • 90 minute recurring meetings
  • Assessment Package
  • Action list, plan report and a family workshop

What Our Clients Say

“Elaine is a problem solver. Her deep financial acumen sorts through reams of complex data efficiently and effectively enabling her to propose viable alternatives to achieving your goals. She meets all challenges with poise, integrity and warmth. She is a professional you can trust and rely on.”

Barbara V.

Company Name: Planning for Financial Separation
Designation: Fashion Designer

“Elaine inspired me to start a fund with a purpose and after hearing her workshop and 6 months after, I was able to make my dream come true of learning English, not only I learned it but I was able to live in Europe to practice for 3 months”

Mariana M.

Company Name: Planning to save with a purpose
Designation: Senior Accountant Fortune 500

“After taking the financial education course in Peru, I was able to clearly focus on what had purpose in my life, I now live debt free, I have a savings fund and I am investing in buying a house in the next 12 months”

Caroline S.

Company Name: Planning to start her own business,
Designation: Retired Paralegal

“I never thought I could have control of my finances. It was possible by working with Elaine’s advise after reading her book “Family and Money Matters”, I improved my relationship with finances, and have adjusted the lense to improved the quality of my daily life.”

Carola S.

Company Name: Planning for Financial Career Advancement
Designation: PHD Senior Medical Research

“With a light and practical style, Elaine succeeds at attracting the attention of the reader from the beginning through her 7 financial steps, direct and with no return. More than a book, this is true curse for financial well being and prosperity. Thanks to this rich information I will have the privilege of saving time and money in the future. If we could all apply the lessons in the book, we will have a better world”.

Francisco R.

Company Name: Stakeholder’s Financial Training and Sustainability
Designation: Fortune 500 Regional CEO

Team Members

Elaine King, CFP®

Holistic Financial Planning and Value Based Asset Allocation

Suzie Hise

Action Oriented Coaching

Mariana Martinez, PHD

Family Focused Workshops

Maria Fuentes

Family Focused Workshops - Children & Women

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