Our Passion Driven Services


  • 51% feel more financial control
  • 35% improve their professional life
  • 45% improve their family relationships
  • 6% improve their health
  • 95% is consistent with their financial goals
  • 100% recommend it to a relative or friend

Commitment to our clients

  • Purpose

    It is imperative that everything we do together has a purpose, drive and motivation. Without these elements there will be little change and progress.

  • Meaning

    For everything we plan together there needs to be a definition, interpretation and clear direction. Full understanding to make lasting moves.

  • Transformation

    In order to expect different results one must change the way things are being done. To achieve your goals we will evaluate which route is best suited for you.

Client include

  • Women in Transition.
  • Executives planning for retirement.
  • Small and family owned businesses
  • Institutions interested in empowering employees with financial know-how
  • Couples needing to get onto the same financial page


Holistic Financial Planning

Putting together your finances can be daunting, due to all the moving parts and emotional considerations. All our services include a financial well-being checklist to serve you as a roadmap and ensure the path we work together is the one that matches your objectives. The process takes into consideration all your human and financial capital assets.

Family Focused Workshops

Our workshops include presentations,keynotes, programs and more. Audiences range from 2 to 1,500 and participants range from 5 to 85 years of age. Topics include: Building your Family Constitution, Your Social Impact Kit, The Colors of your Money for Women, The Value of Money for Kids,. Families and stakeholder’s that plan together retain 20% more (source: World Bank)

Values Based Asset Allocation

Your investments should be broad, diversified and values based. They should match your hopes and dreams and also match your needs. All services include an annual values investing checklist that is personalized to your unique profile paired with your investment policy statement. Growing and protecting your assets should be in line with your priorities and your decision making process. It is said that 93% of the return that a portfolio generates is based on asset allocation.

Action Oriented Coaching

ICF describes the real value of coaching “as the process of uncovering and de-layering” to identify the essence. From this process wonderful benefits are uncovered such as enhanced decision making skills, increased productivity and increased confidence. All these traits are in perfect harmony with attaining healthier finances. Our process includes a checklist, evaluations and your personalized form to measure progress.

What Our Clients Say

“Elaine is a problem solver. Her deep financial acumen sorts through reams of complex data efficiently and effectively enabling her to propose viable alternatives to achieving your goals. She meets all challenges with poise, integrity and warmth. She is a professional you can trust and rely on.”

Barbara V.

Company Name: Planning for Financial Separation
Designation: Fashion Designer

“Elaine inspired me to start a fund with a purpose and after hearing her workshop and 6 months after, I was able to make my dream come true of learning English, not only I learned it but I was able to live in Europe to practice for 3 months”

Mariana M.

Company Name: Planning to save with a purpose
Designation: Senior Accountant Fortune 500

“After taking the financial education course in Peru, I was able to clearly focus on what had purpose in my life, I now live debt free, I have a savings fund and I am investing in buying a house in the next 12 months”

Caroline S.

Company Name: Planning to start her own business,
Designation: Retired Paralegal

“I never thought I could have control of my finances. It was possible by working with Elaine’s advise after reading her book “Family and Money Matters”, I improved my relationship with finances, and have adjusted the lense to improved the quality of my daily life.”

Carola S.

Company Name: Planning for Financial Career Advancement
Designation: PHD Senior Medical Research

“With a light and practical style, Elaine succeeds at attracting the attention of the reader from the beginning through her 7 financial steps, direct and with no return. More than a book, this is true curse for financial well being and prosperity. Thanks to this rich information I will have the privilege of saving time and money in the future. If we could all apply the lessons in the book, we will have a better world”.

Francisco R.

Company Name: Stakeholder’s Financial Training and Sustainability
Designation: Fortune 500 Regional CEO

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