I was born in the beautiful country of Peru during the longest economic and political volatile period; record high inflation rates, terrorism and national curfews . Lived, studied and worked in Canada, Mexico, Austria, Japan, and throughout the United States. Learned to love culture, to appreciate diversity and six different languages.

At 17 years old, I left home, travelled overseas with a luggage and my golf clubs, and survived New York City upon graduating from college in 3 years. For over 18 years, I was fortunate to go up the corporate ladder of the largest and most powerful financial institutions of the world, advising international families with actionable strategies to a healthy financial plan, structure and governance. And during this time created my foundation.

Whether you are looking to organize and plan your finances, put together a family focused educational workshop or just align your asset allocation to your values, our talented team can help you.

I would love to have the opportunity to hear your story and plan together with you and your family,
Founder Family and Money Matters™

Commitment to our Clients


It is imperative that everything we do together has a purpose, drive and motivation.  Without these elements there will be little change and progress.


For everything we plan together there needs to be a definition, interpretation and clear direction. Full understanding to make lasting moves.


In order to expect different results one must change the way things are being done. To achieve your goals we will evaluate which route is best suited for you.


Financial Plans


Happy Families




Years of Experience

Benefits of Working Together

  • 51% feel more financial control
  • 35% improve their professional life
  • 45% improve their family relationships
  • 6% improve their health
  • 95% is consistent with their financial goals
  • 100% recommend it to a relative or friend

Our Experience in Years

80 18 years of Investment Advisory Services

75 16 years of Financial Planning

65 12 years of Financial Coaching

60 10 years of Educational Programs

55 8 years of Family Governance

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